Digital Organs from Norwich
for Churches, Schools and Classical use in the Home

Since 1950 high-quality classical organs have been manufactured in Norwich - first by the Miller Organ Company and then during the last twenty-five years by Norwich Organs. The technology has progressed from the early valve oscillator, through solid state electronics and now to instruments incorporating the latest advanced digital environment technology. During this period the increasing sophistication in musical performance and pipe-like realism has been matched by truly remarkable achievements in reliability.

Norwich digital organs are installed in churches, crematoria, schools and homes throughout this country, but for those who have not yet played or heard one of our instruments here is a summary of our aims and motivation.

  1. To produce an instrument which is an acceptable alternative to the pipe organ of tradition. Due regard is paid to subtlety in applying polyphony attack and decay characteristics and where appropriate transients in the speech of the note.
  2. To provide stops which are voiced to a uniform standard throughout the instrument and price range
  3. To employ technology which allows the maximum degree of flexibility in specification voicing treatment and sound resolution
  4. To provide consoles of attractive appearance built for long life and to standards that meet and allow for all playing techniques.

We offer our skills direct to our customers in the time-honoured tradition of organ builders, thus providing the best possible value for money in avoiding distribution costs and dealer margins. This direct approach ensures that every organ is built individually for each customer, be it church, school, crematorium chapel or for home use and though we offer standard models and prices as a practical guide and basis for negotiation, every practicable flexibility in specification is allowed for.

Our instruments are built entirely of the finest materials and highest quality components. The consoles, pedal boards and benches are made from English oak and quality veneered products using traditional hand cut joints and dovetails. The timber is naturally seasoned for several years before use; this is of great importance now that most buildings maintain a higher standard of heating (with consequent loss of humidity) than was common in times past. We do not use any chipboard in our cabinet construction. This reflects our policy of channeling our resources into the finished product rather than high profile sales techniques.

The ADE (Advanced Digital Environment) sound generation system is the most advanced version of the digital computing organ that was originally developed at Bradford University and has been incorporated to complement the high standard of voicing and cabinet work. Each stop has been voiced individually by Mr. Clifford Hyatt, a well-known former pipe organ voicer with Willis. Mr. Hyatt has spent much time to achieve the delicate balance between stops and departments to make our present range of instruments a total concept.

Our technology is constantly under review to ensure that our instruments offer the highest tonal quality, most economical price, and greatest reliability.

Visitors are always welcome at our premises in Lammas near Norwich where a Walsingham organ is kept for demonstration purposes. A telephone call is advisable to make sure that the instrument is available. Lammas is located between Wroxham and Aylsham approximately eight miles north of Norwich. We can supply detailed directions to our premises or arrange to meet our clients at either Norwich Thorpe or Wroxham railway station.

We are prepared to discuss any requirements you may have entirely without obligation and would be pleased to quote for any changes to be made to specifications within our brochure. If you cannot see exactly what you require, we will quote you very competitively to your own specification whether in two or three manuals.

Most of all we would suggest that you come to Norwich to play, listen to and see the quality of our instruments at first hand, mainly because we have found that in this respect the instruments speak for themselves rather than our attempt at arranging meaningless superlatives on paper. It is not the  policy of Norwich Organs to pursue potential customers aggressively, after all we are sure that our clients would rather put their money towards good quality and workmanship than support high profiles sales methods.

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